Wartime Woodhall Heritage Trail

Telling Woodhall Spa’s World War II historical story

wartime woodhallThis is the second part of the Project, the first part being the exhibition of the Commiunity’s Fallen which was held in the Petwood Hotel Autumn 2014.

This second part concentrates upon Woodhall’s WWII historical story. The content is conveyed through interpretation panels stationed around Woodhall which will be positioned outside buildings and locations of historical importance.

The aim is to instigate community involvement whereby people contribute articles etc. to build upon our research. The interpretation panels will contain the knowledge and research we have now; and, the plan is for there to be links to the Cottage Museum site where additional content will be added as it arises (this will be moderated and not open for anyone to post).

Additionally, historical groups, military associations and individuals will be invited and indeed encouraged to contribute articles to the site content with due accreditation.

This is a Heritage Lottery funded project and will be constructed in June of 2015.