Witham Trading Co Ltd Planning Application S/215/01081/17

The Parish Council will hold an extraordinary Council meeting on 4th September 2017 in Coronation Hall to consider its response to the Witham Trading Co Ltd  planning application.  The Hall will be open to the public at 4:30pm to allow residents to view the plans and other supporting documents.  The Council meeting will start at 7:00pm with a public forum allowing members of the public to address the Council, through the chair, on any comments they may have on the application.  The formal meeting will start at the end of the public forum; at that point members of the public are welcome to  stay but do not have the right to speak.  For those unable to attend the meeting, boxes will be available in the Hall where comments may be deposited; these comments will be collated and presented to the Council during the formal part of the meeeting.

Residents are remined that the Parish Council is only a consultee in the process and the decision to approve or reject is one for ELDC alone.