Planning applications to be considered this month

This page will provide a list of the planning applications and tree work applications that will be considered by the next full Parish Council or its Planning Committee.  The Planning Committee considers all  planning applications and all tree work applications (unless deadlines require the application to be dealt with by the full Council).  Exceptionally, two Councillors may request that an application be considered only by the full Council.

Full Council meetings and the Planning Committee meetings are preceded by a public forum in which members of the public to address the Council.  The time allowed for this is usually 15 minutes, exceptionally the calling notice for the meeting may specify a longer period when the Clerk to the Council and the Chairman agree that one or more of the planning applications to be considered merit a longer public forum.  At the end of the public forum, the formal part of the meeting will start and members of the public are welcome to stay but must remain silent.  All meetings are now held using Zoom until further notice as a result of a change to government regulations; public access is provided .

Where members of the public have submitted a response to ELDC on a planning application and this has been uploaded onto the planning application web site page, it should be assumed that all Councillors have read the response along with all other responses by other consultees and other members of the public and any documents submitted by the applicant.  It may not, therefore, be an expedient use of the available time in the public forum to read out these responses; it may be more useful to summarise any areas of concern and draw attention to any material planning considerations (for a list of these please see the Planning documents page).

Parish Council Zoom meeting on 15th December 2020:

Planning Committee Zoom meeting 12th January 2021:

  • S/215/02276/20 – ASHDOWN, CROMWELL AVENUE. Alteration to the existing bungalow to provide 10no. roof lights
  • tree works application EZY/0122/20/TPA – WOODHALL SPA PINEWOODS, STIXWOULD ROAD
  • tree works application EZY/0001/21/TPA – FIVE OAKS, GREEN LANE