Councillors interests

Disclosable pecuniary interests
In accordance with the Localism Act 2011 all councillors have to declare their disclosable pecuniary interests and those of their wife/husband/civil partner.

Councillors with a pecuniary interest in relation to any item being discussed at a meeting will withdraw from the meeting when it is considering the matter in which they have a disclosable pecuniary interest.

Dispensations for certain disclosable pecuniary interests
Where most or all of the members on the Council has a pecuniary interest in the business due to be discussed they can apply for a dispensation (eg deciding on the Council’s response to a proposed development that affected the whole, or a large proportion of the parish).

A member must request for a dispensation in writing using the appropriate form and this must be with the Proper Officer by the start of the meeting to which it relates

S Williams DPI form                              M Williams DPI form                     I Clarke DPI form

R Sanderson DPI form                                                                                       J Frost DPI form

D Clarke DPI form                                  T Clapton DPI form                      N Ford DPI form

A Hunter DPI form                                 S Phelan DPI form

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