Banners on closed churchyard railings

In order to control the banners being displayed on the closed churchyard railings the Parish Council has adopted a policy to ensure that the railings are not littered with banners and only appropriate banners are displayed.

Any organisation wishing to apply to display a banner needs to apply to the Parish Clerk using the closed churchyard banner application form.

Banners on Closed Churchyard railings policy and application form

Below are the banners that have been given approval to be displayed:



22nd to 31st – Town Bowls Club open day



1st to 18th – Jubilee Park swimming pool opening

1st to 2nd – Jubilee Park Bowling Club open afternoon

3rd to 8th – Town Bowls Club open day

18th to 23rd – County Drive it Day (Jubilee Park)

24th to 30th – St Hugh’s School Open morning

25th to 30th – Annual Parish Meeting



1st to 21st – Woodhall Spa Country Show

1st to 9th – Annual Parish Meeting

10th to 12th – St Hugh’s School open morning

13th to 28th – Beer Festival (Cricket & Tennis Club)



10th to 31st – Cottage Museum music in garden




17th to 30th – Cottage Museum Victorian Christmas

18th to 30th – Rotary Club Woodhall Spa Christmas Fayre




1st to 4th – Cottage Museum Victorian Christmas

1st to 8th – Rotary Club Woodhall Spa Christmas Fayre